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Social Chat App WhatsApp is Good for MLM

In this article, you will see in detail how I used WhatsApp to chat with my old classmate. I intend to interest her to operate a Cosway store.

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I am so happy to reafirm with confidence about the usefulness of WhatsApp after using it for almost a year now. This relatively new and free social chat app WhatsApp is such a fantastic productivity tool for building the MLM biz.

In the past, keeping in touch with friends and relatives are hard to do especially when we are separated by longer distance.

And it is very awkward when we go into MLM and want to start to see old friends and relatives that we have not keep in touch for a long time.

With WhatsApp, you can begin to keep in touch with people easily. With more engagement through WhatsApp, you begin to build better relationship with old friends and relatives. These pave the way for you to build your MLM biz with them productively.

WhatsApp is especially effective in the initial prospecting works.

This would boost your productivity for the first initial chat with any prospect to see their response to your MLM business idea or products before you proceed to the next step of further engagement.

You can do a number of casual WhatsApp chats.

From these casual chats, you can make some filtering about their interests before meeting the prospect in person. This saves time and effort, so that we only focus on better prospects before seeing them in person.

If you are comfortable with WeChat, you can apply the same idea and use it like WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp is the real productivity tool for MLM Prospecting

How to use WhasApp To Build Your MLM Biz:

1. Warming up with out of touch old friends and relatives.

2. Sending hello and greeting messages to all newly met friends.

3. Create WhatsApp Groups to engage and create value to members.

4. Create Chat Group for prospecting potential Cosway members with your uplines.

5. Create WhatsApp Group to support your customers.

6. Create WhatsApp Group for your team.

7. Create WhatsApp Groups for former school classmates.

8. Create WhatsApp Group for Interest Groups

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